Top 5 Plants for Low Maintenance Landscapes

A lush lawn is always an eye catcher, especially when it uses colorful flowers in its designs. Even if you do not enjoy getting out in the yard, you have probably fantasized about having a yard that looks like it was designed by an Atlanta Landscape Architect. The good news is, you don’t need to be a professional from Selective Designs to enjoy beautiful Atlanta Landscape Design.

Not all plants need your constant attention. Some are able to add color and vitality to your landscaping with very little maintenance. If you would prefer to let your flowers fend for themselves then you will need to build your Atlanta Landscape Design around these 5 plants:

  1. Montauk Daises – These tend to start flowering around the time your other flowers are finishing up. During most of the year, they will add some nice texture and extra greenery to your yard but just wait until September. They come into full bloom with bright white flowers that look amazing. The only thing to remember is that you need to prune them back severely in June to make them look their best later.
  2. Coleus – These bring vivid colors to the shadier places of your yard. Their large flat leaves make great borders but a bed full of them is a really impressive sight. If you decide to plant them in full sun then they will require frequent watering to survive
  3. Hosta – The original fire and forget plant. It is a perennial and once you plant them you are pretty much done. They are fantastic for adding texture and color to your designs and you can use them in beds to cut down on the grass you need to mow.
  4. Impatiens – These flowers are cheap, varied in color and tough as nails. You can use them in standalone pots or in beds and they flower all summer. They thrive in shade or sun. But remember to water them more often if they are in the sun.
  5. Wave Petunias – Very resistant to the heat so they flower all summer in full sun. They just need a little water and fertilizer to keep them healthy.

Make sure you call in the Atlanta landscape design experts at Selective Designs when you’re ready to get your garden ready for summer!