Overlooking Eternity: The Magic of Vanishing Edge

Infinity Edge Pool Designer Atlanta Georgia

One of the latest trends in pool design is the vanishing edge pool. These magnificent works of art create a sense of elegance and wonder and often add that “wow” factor to any yard. If you have been thinking about getting a vanishing edge pool, consider calling a pool design contractor. They not only help you find the right pool, but will also provide ways to landscape and decorate your yard to enhance your outdoor living space.

What are Vanishing Edge Pools?

Vanishing edge pools are pools that appear to simply end, encasing the water perfectly in glass. They are very well constructed and can be elevated above the ground to be used as a waterfall source. What they do is create the illusion that water is flowing over the edge of the pool. A trough is used to catch the overflowing water which is then pumped back into the pool. Some people know these as infinity pools. So, not only are they functional, but they are also extremely decorative and provide a fantastic view.

A Pool Design Expert

Calling an expert to help you design your outdoor living space is a must, especially if you want to add an infinity pool. Picking from different vanishing edge pool designs is easy, but tying it all together with the rest of your yard takes specific knowledge. That is one benefit of using a professional pool contractor. They can give you advice about what furniture to get for your outdoor living space, what type of landscaping to choose, and make sure everything works together to make your vanishing edge pool the focal point of it all.

Vanishing edge pools are a great way to make your yard truly “pop” thanks to their unique design and aesthetic appeal. If you are thinking about getting a vanishing edge pool, call an expert who can help you make the most out of your outdoor living space.