Shane LeBlanc and Selective Designs Featured on WSB Talk Radio

Shane LeBlanc, President of Atlanta Landscape Company, Selective Designs, sat down and talked with us about winter landscape care and the different types of plant life that thrives in the cold months. Winter is not often a season that people associate with landscaping and lawn care. However, there are some great trees and plants that survive throughout the winter, as well as some good tips for keeping your lawn looking great in the spring.

What are some of the trees and plants that you recommend for winter landscaping?

Red Maples (Tree) Viburnum (Bush)
Elms (Tree)
ButterFly Bush (Bush)
Oaks (Tree)
Juniper (Bush)
American Hornbeam (Tree)
Azaleas (Flowers)
Ash (Tree)
Yellow Knock Out Roses (Flowers)
Loropetalum (Bush)
Maiden Miscathus Grass (Grass)
Indian Hawthorn (Bush)
Holly (Bush)
Spirea (Bush)

Is there anything that can be planted in the winter months?

Winter is best for transplanting, early winter is even better.

Azalea Buds in the Winter Ice

Are there any ways to make winter landscapes more colorful?

Yes, through Camellias, Winterberry Firepower, Nandinas, Lenten Roses, and Sugar Maples. These all put off really nice colors.

How are hardscapes important to winter landscapes?

It brings my clients outdoors to enjoy it. Through the use of patios, fire pits, fire places, and even heated pools and spas we can create a place outdoors that’s inviting, even in the winter.

Do you have any tips for maintaining your landscape during the winter?

Bring your Tropical plants inside, and water the heads of your palms during hard freezes. The ice that forms will act as an insulator.

Do you need to do anything with your landscape to prepare for the spring?

Prune your plants.

Do you have additional advice for readers about winter landscape maintenance?

Pre-emergent, and make sure not to over water your plants. Also, do not prune your Azaleas.

Shane LeBlanc is the founder of Selective Designs, an Atlanta Landscape Company. He has over 18 years’ experience with landscapes and landscape designs. We hope that you can use this advice to keep your plants and trees looking great for spring. To find out more about winter landscapes, or to schedule a consultation, give this great Atlanta Landscape Company a call today.