Prevent Your Dog’s Urine from Ruining Your Lawn

Selective Designs CEO, Shane LeBlanc, brought a great product to our attention. Dog Rocks. The Australian Company, Dog Rocks Pty Ltd., guarantees that their product will eliminate those “burn” patches on your lawn that are left from your pup’s urine.

How Does It Work?

According to the site, you rinse the stones and allow them to sit in your pup’s water bowl for about 10 hours. This filters the water and gets rid of impurities such as tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities, according to, are what causes those nasty looking patches in your grass and kills your plants.

Is it Safe?

Yes, states that the ‘Dog Rocks’ are 100% safe because they are created by Mother Nature. There are no harsh chemicals and no treatments. This product is mined, broken down and sent straight to you, hence the need to rinse the stones before use. Also, according to the site the Dog Rocks are safe for all types of animals, as they are only a filter, and will be fine of your kitty and pup drink from the same bowl.

According to the website’s customer testimonials the Dog Rocks really do work, and these customers are attesting to a great luscious lawn with no burn marks.

This product seems like a perfect deal for those who really want to ensure that their dog still gets the freedom and exercise that he needs while still maintaining a good looking lawn. When it’s time to replace your lawn, to get rid of terrible pup “burn marks”, contact Selective Designs L.L.C. To order Dog Rocks in the U.S. you can find their distributors or order online.