Landscape Design: It’s More Than Just a Back Yard

Many people assume that a great Atlanta landscape design consists of neatly trimmed and edged grass and beautiful plants. However Selective Designs, your Atlanta landscaping company, knows better. While Selective Designs is highly skilled in placement of great plant life, trees, and shrubbery they also specialize in many of the other landscaping elements.

Some of the great features that Selective Designs can add to enhance your landscape include:

Custom Pools – There are so many designs and customizations that can go into building a great pool. Such as stones, colors, shapes, and how it all ties in to your landscape design. The pool is meant to be a center piece of the back yard, while still seamlessly tying in for a relaxing ambiance.
Spas – Selective Designs can tuck a great spa into your garden, or incorporate it into your pool, patio or deck. Like with a custom swimming pool, you have so many options and choices, a great spa is perfect for smaller back yards or for those who aren’t interested in having a swimming pool.

Masonry and Hardscapes – This Atlanta Landscaping Company is highly skilled into creating the perfect outdoor living space. While a hardscape is technically everything other than plant life, Selective Designs area of expertise comes in the form of custom outdoor kitchens, living areas, fireplaces, retaining walls, burners, smokers, and anything in between. These features are perfect for those that love to entertain outdoors.

Water Features and Lighting – Custom water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and ponds can be incorporated in to your garden, pool, or stand alone. Many underestimate the relaxing aesthetics of water, the sights and sounds alone make your back yard a more peaceful place. Selective Designs also specializes in the perfect placement of accent lighting. Outdoor lighting has many wonderful benefits, but can also be a great safety feature.

Selective Designs likes to ensure that you’re getting just what you had envisioned for your landscape, and they can install some or all of these great elements to create your perfect back yard experience. At Selective Designs they want you to be a big part of the planning process so that your landscape design will be like no other. With the help of Selective Designs’ expert team of landscape architects and builders you can create the back yard of your dreams.