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Custom Pool Designs Should Fit Your Primary Purpose for Having a Pool

Pools are perhaps the most popular outdoor addition to any home.


Best of Both Worlds: Proper Pool Design is both Exciting and Safe

Your own private pool is an excellent way to get the most out of the hot southern summers and is sure to make the whole family happy.


You Should Know Your Stuff

How to build trust with prospects in landscape design. Building trust is something that takes time, but you can start the process from the first interaction.


Landscape Design: It’s More Than Just a Back Yard

Many people assume that a great Atlanta landscape design consists of neatly trimmed and edged grass and beautiful plants. However Selective Designs, your Atlanta landscaping company, knows better. While Selective Designs is highly skilled in placement of great plant life, trees, and shrubbery they also specialize in many of the other landscaping elements.


Top 5 Plants for Low Maintenance Landscapes

A lush lawn is always an eye catcher, especially when it uses colorful flowers in its designs. Even if you do not enjoy getting out in the yard, you have probably fantasized about having a yard that looks like it was designed by an Atlanta Landscape Architect. The good news is, you don’t need to be a professional from Selective Designs to enjoy beautiful Atlanta Landscape Design.


10 Plants That Outlast the Georgia Summer Heat

No matter how green your thumb is, Georgia summers are murder on your Atlanta Landscape Design. In the dog days of summer almost any plant will start to wilt unless you are extremely vigilant and fast with the watering can. It really makes things difficult for people that enjoy getting down in the dirt and working on their Atlanta Landscape Design.