How to Take Care of Your Lawn During the Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and in Georgia we are already experiencing the heat. So, you’ve just invested in a beautiful Atlanta landscape design and you want to make sure that it outlasts the summer heat and stays beautiful?

Here are some great summer lawn care tips:

Mowing Your Lawn.

While this may sound simple enough here are 4 tips to get optimal results from your lawn this summer:

  1. Lawn Mower Height – During the summer it’s important to raise the height of your mower blades from the normal 2.5 inches to about 3-3.5 inches. This will provide more insulation from the summer’s heat and reduces the water loss.
  2. Grass Clipping Disposal – Many people don’t know what to do with their grass clippings. A great tip is to mulch and return your grass clippings to the lawn. Contrary to popular belief this will not encourage thatch.
  3. Wet Lawn? – Mowing your lawn wet is much more beneficial than stressing it by allowing it to grow tall. You should go ahead a mow, then remove clippings. While the wet grass will cause clumping it’s better than leaving it unattended. However, if you’re currently treating lawn disease it’s recommended that you never cut a wet lawn to prevent the spreading of disease.


Just as mowing, this sounds simple enough. Let’s enhance your efforts.

The amount that your lawn needs water is directly related to the weather conditions, soil drainage and the amount of sun that your lawn gets daily. The best rule of thumb to follow if you get lost is, your lawn will need at least one inch of water per week. So use a rain gauge and make sure that your lawn stays properly hydrated.

These are just a few tips for keeping your Atlanta landscape looking great this summer. Selective Designs can help you achieve the perfect back yard. For more tips or to get a quote for their Atlanta landscaping services give them a call today.