7 Ways to Add Color to Your Winter Landscape

One of the most frequent questions asked of Atlanta Landscape Designers is how to liven up a winter landscape. It is especially difficult if you live in a region with heavy snow because most of your solutions will be buried at some time or another.

Professional Atlanta Landscape Designers Recommend A Combination Of The Following Seven Solutions To Keep Your Winter From Being Drab:

  1. Utilize Colored Furniture and Decorations. Use vibrant colors to paint your lawn furniture, planters and even stones. The contrast will really capture the eye amid all of the whiteness.
  2. Consider Hardscaping. It is perfect for people that do not have much foliage to work with. It is the process of using things like paving stones and other design elements to create interesting patterns and formations.
  3. Think about adding fruit trees. There are a multitude of varieties to choose from and many have colorful berries at different times of the year. Plus they have the added bonus of possibly dropping fruit for you to eat.
  4. Arrange different combinations of trees and flowers. One effective combination would be to use colorful spring flowers interspersed with Red Twig Dogwoods and Winterberry Holly. Both of these will retain a vibrant color during the cold weather.
  5. Look for trees with interesting bark. Paperbark Maple, River Birch and Cherry trees all keep an interesting look even when they are not in flower. For a more comprehensive list of trees like this you should contact an Atlanta Landscape Designer.
  6. Paint your window boxes and flower pots in eye catching colors. You will have them scattered around the house anyway so you might as well turn them into design elements.
  7. Place artwork throughout your yard. This is best left for last since it can be expensive, but it can really tie it all together.