4 Ways to Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring

March 21st is the actual first day of spring but this year seems a little different. Most of the country is already experiencing a warming trend, so you may be getting back out in the yard sooner than you think. Call experianced Atlanta Landscape Architects to get your gardening on track fast!

Even if you don’t use Atlanta Landscape Architects, you should still be using this time to come up with your own plans for spring. The tasks you might enjoy now can be a real pain if you leave them for the heat of summer.

Start your planning with these four suggestions:

  • Go ahead and choose your perennials. Perennials are the backbone of any garden and their placement is crucial. It is still too soon to plant them but you can be looking over your garden to see where they would have optimal placement. Keep in mind that most Atlanta Landscape Architects recommend purchasing perennials that have already been through a growing season. They may be more expensive but they are tougher and more likely to flourish.
  • Start weeding! Yes it is a pain and no one wants to. But by doing it early when the weather is nice, you can enjoy your time spent in the yard and take breaks from weeding by doing other more enjoyable landscape projects.
  • Do your pruning. For most plants, pruning needs to be done before it starts a new growth cycle.
  • Time to get planting and transplanting. If you are going to move a plant from one place to another then it is crucial to do it before it starts its growth cycle. If you are still unsure about what plants to use in your landscaping, contact your local Atlanta Landscape Architects for advice.

If you want a lush and colorful landscape you should call the Atlanta Landscape Architects at Selective Designs. Now is the perfect time to get your lawn and garden ready for the blooms of spring!