10 Plants That Outlast the Georgia Summer Heat

No matter how green your thumb is, Georgia summers are murder on your Atlanta Landscape Design. In the dog days of summer almost any plant will start to wilt unless you are extremely vigilant and fast with the watering can. It really makes things difficult for people that enjoy getting down in the dirt and working on their Atlanta Landscape Design.

Luckily, there are a few plants that actually thrive during the intense heat of summer. So, if you want to spruce up your yard with some color this season, the experts at Selective Designs recommend you use these 10 heat resistant plants:

  1. Black eyed Susan – These flowers bloom early in the summer with reddish orange petals. They are a hardy plant with the added benefit that deer will avoid places that they grow. If you cut them they will actually rebloom later in the summer.
  2. Mealycup Sage – Sage is a great plant to use because it is usually pest free. They grow in tall stalks that bloom in deep violets and whites. It is a native to Mexico and Texas so it is extremely resistant to high temperatures.
  3. Threadleaf Coreopsis – These are part of the sunflower family and they are extremely easy to grow. A bed of Thread leaf will explode with yellows and the seeds tend to attract birds but deer stay away.
  4. Madagascar Periwinkle – A bushy plant that sprouts red, pink and white blossoms. It can thrive in both humidity and dry heat.
  5. Lantana – They look a lot like nosegays but they are hardy and drought resistant. Butterflies are attracted to them in droves.
  6. Portulaca – Extremely colorful blossoms of various colors that open in full light but close again in the afternoon.
  7. Blanket Flower – A daisy like flower that blooms in red, orange and yellow.
  8. Verbena – A staple of many gardens because of its versatility and vibrancy.
  9. Zinnia – Colorful little round flowers that love the heat of summer.
  10. Angelonia Angustifolia – A tropical flower that blooms in purples, pinks, whites and blues.

Make sure you call Selective Designs for all of your Atlanta landscape design needs. They can create a beautiful outdoor oasis that will incorporate seamlessly into your current outdoor features.